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A Movement Towards Community Wellbeing

The Allegr Foundation proudly presents the Walk & Talk programme; a community-centric initiative, designed to enhance physical and mental wellbeing. In an era where loneliness and isolation are on the rise, Walk+Talk offers a simple, inclusive and accessible pathway to improved health, strengthened community bonds, and a renewed sense of purpose and belonging.


Community Impact
Reconnect individuals with their local community, fostering a strong sense of belonging and support.
Promote physical health through gentle, accessible activity and mental wellbeing through social interaction.
A safe, welcoming environment for all, regardless of age or fitness level, free of charge.

Join Us as a Founding Partner

We are seeking visionary businesses to join us as Founding Partners to this meaningful project.

This unique partnership opportunity allows your company to demonstrate a clear commitment to social responsibility - directly impacting the wellbeing of individuals and communities.

Founding Partner Benefits:

"Founding Partner" designation for the Walk+Talk programme. Displayed on Walk+Talk collateral, website and rights for you to feature in company literature.
Community Engagement
Engage your employees in a meaningful initiative, that promotes health, wellbeing and community connection.
Philanthropic Impact
Make a tangible difference with a minimum contribution  This will directly fund the expansion and sustainability of the Walk+Talk programme.  NB The Allegr Foundation is a Registered Charity, recognised by HMRC.

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If your business shares our vision to help change lives - creating a healthier, more connected community - we would love to hear from you.

Please fill out our form to start a conversation, or call Rachel on 07779 323 220.

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What people say about Walk+Talk:

I generally feel happier after a Walk + Talk session
Overall, I feel there has been an improvement in my social connection and wellbeing as a result of participating in Walk+ Talk
Walk + Talk has helped my motivation to exercise and meet up with people
* Percentage of participants who either Agree or Strongly Agree, based on a survey of 26 people.


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We believe that we can make a significant positive impact to peoples’ lives, enhancing their physical and mental wellbeing and strengthening their community cohesion – we are determined to make a difference.