We are a charity promoting community participation in healthy activities  to improve mental and physical health.



We believe our relentless support of the following fundamental human needs will aid people’s physical and mental wellbeing
We want to make a positive impact to peoples’ lives, enhancing their physical and mental wellbeing and strengthening their community cohesion.

Spend more time in the company of other people
Share in healthy activities
Thrive from a sense of purpose and belonging

We are determined to show how this simple, yet often overlooked formula to happiness, can have a significantly positive impact on a nation’s physical and mental wellbeing.

We care deeply about making this impact.  The three original founders of The Allegr Foundation all independently experienced grave challenges in their lives;  it was the support from their community, the positive focus of healthy activity and the shared ambition generated by a sense of purpose that carried them through and, in turn, bought them together with a shared vision.  

The Allegr Foundation aims to foster these three pillars – community, healthy activity and shared purpose - for the benefit of all that they can reach.


Ben and Robin rowed and won together in the University Boat Race for Oxford and then the British National Team. Rach met Ben in very different circumstances - at the school gate, waiting for the kids to finish class. Ben’s youngest daughter, Allegra, had only recently undergone open heart surgery at just 4 days old. Compelled by this to step up and make a difference, he’d decided to run 100km to support the research that saved her life. Rach, empathised closely with Ben’s experience and respecting his quiet determination, was in. And what was sparked from Ben’s initial idea of a single group run, was evolved with Rach’s passion and flare for connecting people, into a series of 12 hour runs in 12 different cities all across the UK, supporting Samaritans and mental health support.

After his time in the Army, Robin spent 8 years living and working in Ghana, with his last 18 months isolated because of border closures due to Covid restrictions. On returning to the UK for good, Robin’s first social interaction after quarantine was to join one of Ben and Rach’s community runs. And a sweaty 100km later, realising the strength they brought out in each other, they committed to taking the first step with The Allegr Foundation.

The Allegr Foundation is a charity established to promote healthy activity in the community.

Allegr Ltd is a tech-based Social Enterprise, managed and financed independently from The Allegr Foundation, sharing a similar purpose of improving health through connection. www.allegr.org