programmes that promote proven mental and physical health benefits.

We create free to participate, activity-centred events and programmes that are each designed with a specific goal to improve mental and/ or physical health. All events are centred around the promotion of a healthy community activity or event.

All of the activities are designed to enhance the quality of life and wellbeing of participants, and to improve their physical and/ or mental health – both by virtue of the activities themselves, the building of community and by inspiring participants to engage in healthy activities on a more frequent and intentional basis. We act as the stimulus for that critical “first step”.

How we deliver

Event structure

A successfully proven framework with clear health benefits, creating simple formats that maximise participation and positive outcomes, such as absolute inclusion - low/zero barrier to entry (no pace/distance expectation), accessible routes and locations (participants include wheelchair users, pram pushers, dog walkers, mobility scooters), no cost, welcoming and encouraging spirit. This encouragement fosters positive feedback loop that leads to positive habit formation.

Event Identity

We provide a consistent structure and brand identity – adding to the events’ credibility and visual impact which increases engagement, such as recognisable and striking brand and colours, Templated Flyers and Posters, Information sharing Pull up banners, Meet here signs, branded and engaging merchandise that supports the event(s).

Legacy & Sustainable Future

We train group / walk / run leaders from within Community groups to empower local advocates to grow the reach and impact. We recruit volunteers from the local community to assist with the running of events.


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If you have an idea about an event that you think we can help with we'd love to hear from you or you'd like to volunteer or support us in any way, please do get in touch.

All our events have a core aim to promote mental and/or physical health.

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We believe that we can make a significant positive impact to peoples’ lives, enhancing their physical and mental wellbeing and strengthening their community cohesion – we are determined to make a difference.