Welcoming JJ to the Team

December 21, 2023

We are delighted to welcome Jonathan Jones to The Allegr Foundation team.

Jonathan, or JJ as he’s more usually known, will help drive forward our Walk+Talk programme across Bristol, the surrounding area and across the country.

JJ epitomises what The Allegr Foundation is all about.  He recently retired from his role as teacher and Deputy Head at Tockington Manor School – where he had taught for 37 years.  His positive impact and inspiration to generations of children over nearly four decades is immeasurable. Not only did he infect them with a love of learning his chosen subject of Geography, but his impression was most felt away from the classroom.  Nurturing and encouraging a long line of children through endless sports, training and cross country – which the children loved – a huge part of which being how JJ makes everyone succeed for themselves.

Paul W, a pupil from JJ's early years of teaching, and now long-time friend commented:

I cannot think of anybody better than JJ to implement the Foundation's core aims. His caring personality, good humour, encouraging nature and community-centric spirit will ensure the Walk+Talk will continue to grow from strength to strength and become a positive weekly highlight for all participants.

It's an exciting new chapter for the Foundation as we enter 2024.  Walk+Talk is a successful and impactful programme, we are really pleased that JJ has joined the team to help us open more walks and increase our reach.

JJ said of the new role:

I'm delighted to help out; I think it's so important to remain active and I'm a real believer in bringing people together for the greater good.  I've seen so much positivity over the years when people get together, I'm really excited to play my part.

Allegr Foundation Co-Founder, Rachel, remarked:

It was clear from my first interactions with JJ – he’s the perfect guy for the job.  He's got a big soul, and it's people like that who make a difference - to everyone around them. It's great to have him on board and we look forward to working together in the coming months.

The Community Walk+Talk programme is presently expanding across North Bristol and Richmond Borough (London), and from there we will then look to grow this nationwide, alongside our Military Veteran Walk+Talk programme.