Reminding us to be human, Ben talks to the Daily Telegraph

October 18, 2023

Ben was recently interviewed as part of an initiative by Macmillan Cancer Support to shine a light on the work of The Allegr Foundation in the community.

The full article on the Daily Telegraph can be viewed below.

Ben talks about The Allegr Foundation and its desire to change lives through the promotion of healthy activity. As always the transformative power human connection and community is at the heart of our vision for success.

To foster those connections, you've got to actually get together and do something – which can be as simple as three people walking their dogs together, or a big event where 100 people turn up. With Allegr, we’re trying to be the connective tissue that helps to bring people together.

NOTE: The article refers to the Military App, this is a digital platform designed and built by Allegr Ltd, not The Allegr Foundation. Allegr Ltd is a Social Enterprise, they contribute a proportion of their profits to The Allegr Foundation.