New Walk+Talk Launched in Penarth with Coffee#1

September 20, 2023

We're really pleased to announce the new Walk and Talk that is taking place each Thursday in Penarth, Cardiff. It has got off to a flying start and that is largely thanks to the wonderful Georgie - the walk leader.

Penarth walk and talk is growing nicely, the biggest thing is the same faces are returning each week. Plus we get some amazing views of the sea as we walk along. Feel like this group has its regulars which enjoy every Thursday!
- Georgie Hutton

What has been brilliant to see has been how regular customers of Coffee#1 who used to sit alone and enjoy a drink are now sitting around a large table together, enjoying the same coffee but with some important human connection to make it all more rewarding.

The Allegr Foundation is very grateful to the support from Coffee#1 and look forward to seeing Walk+Talk popping up at new venues over the coming months.

Great to see so many smiles from the Penarth crew, keep up the brilliant work Georgie.