Fun Lovers' Run Roundup

September 19, 2023

On behalf of Matt and Lizzy, as well as Team Allegr, we want to send a huge thank-you to EVERYONE who contributed so generously to this Campaign.

The scale of kindness was off the charts.  Together,  donations raised in excess of a STAGGERING £36,000.

Not only will this equip Matt with the new 4x4 wheelchair, but also provide a catalogue of kit to help with opportunities to keep him moving; to create adventures and make memories with Lizzy and Margot, his family and friends.

To those who were able to join The Fun Lovers' Run on Saturday 12th September - what a day !!!!!  It was an incredibly special occasion - sunshine, fun, magic and love all in abundance.

We walked. We talked.  We jogged. We laughed.  We ran.  We smiled.

We simply moved.   Together.  And with one goal - to keep Matt moving.    

And so - whatever your contribution to this Campaign has been - donations from near and far, amazing messages of support, donning your trainers to run, baking cakes, bringing the tunes, wearing the wigs - thankyou for bringing the Allegr spirit to life - in bucketloads.

We are all about cultivating kindness, compassion and human connection, and creating opportunities and events EXACTLY like this - for these qualities to shine.