The Allegr Foundation* exists to promote activities that have a proven beneficial effect on health.

We directly support the community with healthy activities.

Our services are open to all, but often there is a specific focus on the most deprived areas of the country and at-risk demographic groups within society.

Direct Action in your Community

The Allegr Foundation creates and manages events, all based around activities with a proven health benefit. Examples of our events are:

Walk+Talk Groups - Walk+Talk is a simple, safe and welcoming programme - which aims to help rebuild your confidence to get out and join in with some gentle activity and easy conversation. Accessible free walking groups, in the community, each week, led by walk leaders.

‘Fun Run’ Concepts - fully inclusive, achievable distance loops which encourages participation for different ages and abilities; no medals – reward derived from the shared experience and participation – which becomes an intrinsic motivator to show up again.

The underlying activities of running and walking are widely proven to have a positive health impact.

How are we funded?

The Allegr Foundation is funded via the following methods:

Corporate CSR/ESG contributions
Allegr Ltd revenue-share (Allegr Ltd is a Social Enterprise UK and as part of that commitment will make profit donations to charities with an aligned purpose, the Allegr Foundation is one of such entities.)

* The Allegr Foundation is currently applying for Charity status.

Company Details

The Allegr Foundation, registered in England and Wales (Company Number: 12744819)
The Allegr Ltd, registered in England and Wales (Company Number: 12746046)