Our Services... Mobile and Web App

The Military App Software-as-a-Service provides a licence to a Regimental Family for its members to access the platform. This access is both through a Mobile App (iOS and Android) and a Web-App. Our Web-App can be embedded into any existing Regimental website as part of set-up, or we can provide web access through our own website. We are also able to build a new website to support this if needed.

White Label Design

As part of our premium service we can offer a white label version of the App that can be branded to fit a Regiment's needs. The white label version will still access all the same features and membership of the full Military App Community.

See example - The Fusiliers have a Fusiliers Connect white label version of the Military App.

In-Person Support and Community Workshops

The Military App team work with RHQ / Association stakeholders all the way through the process. We are on-hand and will pick up all the workload needed for a successful launch and continued operation. This saves time and money as we have a proven track record of delivering high quality, quickly. This includes - design work; event activation; community engagement; film production; social media and email communications; existing IT and CRM support; procurement and distribution of kit and merchandise; stakeholder training.

We want to work closely with you to help bring your project to life and our support means that an RHQ should require no additional resources once the project is up and running.

As part of the launch and on-boarding process we offer in-person and online Community Workshops to help a wide range of your stakeholders to understand the benefits of the platform and familiarise themselves as group administrators.

We can launch with a full Regimental Family in under 3 weeks if needed, depending on the requirements.

Tech Support

Our technical expertise comes from our co-founders and is not outsourced to a third party. For this reason our Communities have direct tech support from people who know and understand the platform and the people using it. We often find ourselves helping out our Community partners in other technical areas, such as CRM management and websites, so that their experience is efficient and easy.

Helping Regimental Communities bring their project to life...

Here is a media example for the Fusiliers Connect project - as well as working closely with their project team, running Community Workshops and Training, and activating over 25 new events on the ground, we made a promotion video to build awareness and excitement ahead of their launch.

To find out more about how your Regimental Family can join the Military App Community please contact Robin Bourne-Taylor.

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