Connecting veterans, serving personnel and family


The Military App has over 70 groups with 30+ events and ways to engage every month. But with the Identity, Connection, Search, Group, Chat, Messaging, Event and Notification functions the tools are there for you to take the initiative and really make the most out of it:

  • Search for and connect with members in your area or with shared interest.
  • Find past colleges, friends or members that overlapped with your time in the military.
  • Join new interest or activity groups and chat with members about upcoming events.
  • Create new groups based around your own interests or start new activity groups in your area.
  • Invite your contacts to join a group that you think they may like.
  • As part of a new or existing group become a Group Admin so you can create and post content and create Event Adverts.

 “This app is great and the tools are there for members to really take ownership and generate their own engagement and peer support. A better connected community is a stronger community so I urge you all to do your bit by being proactive and generating some positive engagement and in-person connection.”

Capt (Retd) Chris Elliott - Honorary Secretary, The Blues and Royals Association

Help and Support Videos

Setting up your Identity

Using the Pinboard

Messaging and Chat

Searching for and connecting with members

Groups - What is there for me?

Events - how to search and where to find event information


The follow videos are design to help members that are group admins.

Editing an existing event as a group admin

Please note that only the group admin that created the original event will be able to edit it

Creating a new event as group admin

Create an article as a group admin

Group Management Options

One of the most important things for a group admin to remember is to regularly go into their group management list and check for any existing member requests to join.


If you are setting up a group and we have requested more information from you, below is a checklist to help you.

  • About Text

    A few lines of what the group is set up to do and who it is open to, and also a line intro about you.
  • Purpose text

    What types of informal support and advice the group hopes to deliver and why
  • Image - Logo

    If you have a logo for the group, if not then we can create one
  • Image - About

    A landscape image that helps describe/support your group. You can see many examples in the App.
  • Image - Purpose

    A landscape image that helps describe/support your group. You can see many examples in the App.

We normally have News and Support articles (if you have a look on the app at the standard sub-group format) that you as an admin will be able to post. So it would be good to start with at least one News or Support article. This can be written text (not too lengthy). It can have a web link signposting to external content, or if there is something specific we can embed a youtube link.

Support could be anything from signposting to support in that industry or something physical or health related.